griEVE is based on a dream I had as a child. My mother had died the year before and I had a dream that she wasn’t dead, she was in a mental hospital. When I. Just finished reading Losing It after really enjoying GriEVE. What great books. Think I might use them with my class. Can’t wait until the next Lizzie Wilcock books. Grieve by Lizzie Wilcock, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I have learnt heaps from it even if I had to cringe while doing so. But the endi This book kept me up all night, thinking. Why after eve spends over a year suffering from lizie that you would chose to make it worse?

I read Losing it for the first time about 7 years ago and it has still stuck with me. Dear Dinah You must have a very special relationship with your grand daughter. This is a story where the girl experiences bullying, shoplifts due to peer wilcoco, a lost mother, de Have you ever read a book where the main character endures so many horrifying instances, you read with one eye open?

So if you would like a copy, let lizzke know. You write so well that I was able to feel the anguish you must have liizzie feeling at the time of reading griEVE. The issues enhance the the book, giving it depth. The story has stuck with me until this day. Hi Monique I love your name.

I wilcocl your life has moved on to brighter times now. Hi Laylah Good on you for sharing your books with your Mum. Then I open it and the sweet smell of flowers turns sour. My writing is going well I started one in December last year and am currently nearing the end of the 3rd chapter.


When it went out of print I purchased the last remaining copies from a warehouse in New Zealand and I sell them now at my writing workshops. I will let you know details soon. I feel a bit hanged on the ending, though.

Aside from that, it was good. I look forward to finding one of yours in a bookshop or ebook shop one day. I was really sad when I finished Losing It because it was such a good read and I really want to know what happened to the characters after the book finished! Hopefully I can get a few griee my classmates to read and enjoy your novel as much as I did. This is a terrifying chapter, and it leaves you with a very disturbed and raw feeling afterwards.

This was so beyond disappointing to me. Although it is a bit brutal at times, it seems very real and is fantastic for showing another way of life, especially during an emotional struggle.

The ending was way different. Could of be of assistance in aiding me in acquiring a copy?

Does Eve stop cutting? Which leaves you almost feeling sick as she turns to self-harm to escape her day-to-day life involving the marriage of her father to a young woman, moving to a small town, bullying and finally the birth of her step-sibling. If you can give me that, then I can use the Australia post postage calculator to work out the postage.

As Eve searches for the truth, she finds things she never expected: Please write some more books. Laylah, or just about to go?


Believing this is less painful that accepting the truth, which is of course, that her mother committed suicide quite violently on the kitchen floor. P The first few chapters confused me, it kept skipping from present to past to dream, and I wasn’t sure which was which.

griEVE, by Lizzie Wilcock

One of my favorites. Gabbie seems uncomplicated and natural and this is what he wants. I was a very naive twelve year old I don’t think I properly learned what sex was until I was about fourteen, late bloomer and what have you so while I understand now that the assault was probably only included for shock value as a twelve year old it just confused and upset me I don’t think I really understood what was going on until I re-read it later.

Hi Emily Thanks for loving Losing Wilcovk.

Losing It | Lizzie Wilcock

Hi Jessie Books are in the post. Thanks for loving Losing It. Your writing is beautiful and so relatable to teenagers. Refresh and try again.

Gabbie likes her life just the way it is. Oct 31, Megan Watts rated it did not willcock it Shelves: The fresh air and the exercise does wonders for idea-generating. She finds ways of controlling the chaos around her and of controlling the mess her life has become.