html?id=tnk3b50zC&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareCirugia Trauma Cirugia Trauma Cirugia Trauma. edited by Carlos Hernando Morales Uribe. Title, Cirugia: Trauma Yuluka: Medicina. Contributor, Carlos Hernando Morales Uribe. Publisher, Editorial Universidad de Antioquia, ISBN, Adriana Echavarria Medinaa, Carlos Hernando Morales Uribeb, Luis Guillermo Keywords: Blunt abdominal trauma; splenic trauma; hepatic trauma; non operative .. del traumatismo cerrado de hígado, indicaciones de cirugía y desenlaces.

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Conventional ultrasound has been used, together with the clinical parameters described above and serial clinical evaluation, as a safe method of diagnosis that allows surgical decision making and to select those patients who really need to be taken to tomographic studies. I traumatismi al torace possono coinvolgere la parete ossea del torace le costole e la colonna vertebralein tal caso si parla anche di trauma spinalela pleura e i polmoniil diaframma o il contenuto del mediastino.

The failure of nonoperative management in pediatric solid organ injury: The most affected group was the 5 to 10 years old children. Trauma patients are at high risk of deep vein thrombosis … More.

Trauma toracico

Cirugka patients were excluded from the study. The role of selective non-operative management. The most common cause of trauma was the pedestrian accident Il traumatismo del torace frequentemente causa ipossia tissutale e acidosi con ipercapnia. On the contrary, no statistically significant relationship was found between NOM failure and trauma mechanism, severity of lesions, and hemoperitoneum of more than 2 quadrants.

Flowchart number of patients recruited into the study. Pediatric blunt abdominal trauma: Focused abdominal sonography for trauma in the clinical evaluation of children with blunt abdominal ciruugia.


Le indicazioni per la chirurgia relativamente immediata e per quella a lungo termine includono una diagnosi tardiva nel riconoscere le lesioni del diaframma e la comparsa di un’ ernia diaframmatica traumatica. Possono essere prodotti sia in modo intenzionale o accidentalmente per armi da fuocooggetti affilati o schegge da esplosioni.

Analysis of a database of patients over 15 years of age presenting with penetrating abdominal trauma at a fourth level of care hospital. Value of the physical examination in the diagnosis of intra-abdominal lesion in penetrating abdominal stab wounds.

Cirugia Trauma – Google Books

The above is clear, a periodic evaluations by trained personnel are necessary in order to allow the early detection of the surgical interventions need and to urieb patients at high risk, avoiding failure of NOM 6,7,23,27, Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli.

Blunt Abdominal trauma in Children: These data are described in table 1. The included patient should present hemodynamic stability, absence of signs of peritoneal irritation 1,4,9,10,12,13,18,19,23,28,29whose age were between years old, with an initial NOM for hepatic or splenic trauma, no trauma to other solid organs or other voids rather than liver or spleen, mofales has required to proceed with surgery; patients who present evidence of tomographic images for classification of hepatic or splenic trauma and evidence of clinical and paraclinical data Hb levels in clinical history.

Liver injuries in children: Rev Soc Bol Ped. Anche i pedoni investiti da veicoli, le cadute, e alcuni atti di violenza possono portare al trauma toracico specialmente la perforazione della pleura e la lacerazione dei polmoni, dal momento che basta una coltellata assestata nel punto “giusto”.


In most cases, these lesions can be managed without surgery 6, Trauma center variation in the management of pediatric patients with blunt abdominal solid organ injury: The main complications reported are 1,4,7,11, Journal of Pediatric Surgery. Efficacy and safety of non-operative management of blunt liver trauma.

This may lead to better timing of surgical intervention and it may decrease the occurrence of complications associated with transfusion therapy, as well as increasing vascular permeability, such as pleural effusions, respiratory distress, rebleeding, transfusion reactions, among others 1.

Ciruiga guidelines for children with isolated spleen or liver injury. A causa delle potenziali lesione anatomiche e funzionali delle cirutia e dei tessuti molli che includono il cuoreil polmone oppure i grossi vasi sanguignile lesioni toraciche sono urgenze mediche che se non vengono trattate rapidamente e adeguatamente possono condurre alla morte.

Eur J Trauma Emerg Surg. Multiple studies are in agreement with what is found in our series of patients, although most of these are focused on determining cut points to move from NOM to surgical management and not to establish factors that act as predictors of mroales outcome or to prevent the complications associated with the delay of these 6,7,23, During the nonoperative management, 72 patients Diagnosis, Management and Outcomes.