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Numerology is a science that associated with numbers 1 to 9 where  zero is always removed. Numerology is in depth and complex topic to understand. People who interested in learning numerology can find the basic guidance here. If you are beginner think about how to learn numerology then very first you need to know the some arithmetic calculations. In this, Each digit have its own personality in numerology.

How to Learn Numerology for beginners?

Numerology is the science of cyclicality . Basics of it depend of persons names and date of birth. Mainly, A destiny number will be calculated from the date of birth of person to relive the nature of the humas. A numerologist can express their predictions by considering the nine planets. As we have the 1 to 9 numbers, each number assigned to one planet. It considers the human’s attitude towards emotions, intellect, grasping power, and etc.

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The Best Numerology Calculator – Get Life Path Number and Meaning

Before proceed to names and date of birth calculations, you have to know the number correction chart.  It will be the most important tool in order to calculate name and DOB numbers easily and quickly.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Based on this chart you can start to calculate Date of birth and name

Birth Name Numerology Calculator

For example: Name is  Roohan

R – 9

O – 6

O – 6

H – 8

A – 1

N – 5

ROOHAN = (9+6+6+8+1+5 = 35) = (3+5) = 8

Vibration number is 8

Numerology Birth Name Predictions

DOB: Date of Birth Calculator

For example: Date Of Birth is 20/05/1993

2+5+1+9+9+3 = 29 = 2+9 = 11 = 1+1 = 2

Vital Number is 2

How to Learn Numerology – Easiest Way

Number meaning in numerology

Number – 1: The person who got the 1 having the new ideas as well as strong commitment towards anything. They don’t shows interest to work under others. Most of the persons will be in top positions like Manager, CEO, Director etc. Numerology one indicates sun like that they were be in superior to others. Most difficult things can be easily executed by them.

Number – 2 : These persons are  sociable and optimistic. They are always try to solve  any issue peacefully.

Number – 3: The secret of success of these persons are Patience and devotion

Number – 4:  The persons who have the number 4 as vital number having strength and stability. patient, conventional and punctuality are the major characteristics for this people.

Number – 5: These are dynamic and energetic. They are always in motion and risk takers.

Number – 6: The people who get the life path number as 6 are most caring, sacrificing, protective  and loving.

Number -7: 7 number persons are seekers, thinkers and searcher of Truth. They are always trying to understand the hidden truths.

Number – 8: Most of the people are trying to change their life path number as eight to grow in their careers and business.

Number – 9: These persons are unique and having philosophical observation.

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